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Emissions mitigated from atmosphere to date: Methane 462,594.54 (V) MMSCFD, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) 6,382.57 Tons, Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP's) 91.49 Tons, Captured Gas Value $2,136,071.95


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January 2024 Report Confirms Operator Savings of $52,158

With over 90 units installed, the patented QuickSet™ gas-lift control skid by Liftrock is proven to eliminate fugitive methane emissions from gas-lift and other oilfield compression operations. In addition to eliminating methane emissions from gas lift operations, the QuickSet captures gas from leaking packing vents and blowdowns. This patented system also repurposes captured gas, generating […]

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Add revenue.Eliminate methane emissions.Stay out of the news. QuickSet™ technology is empowering the industry to change the narrative… Have you read the paper recently? On its July 29, 2022 front page, The Dallas Morning News carried an eyeball-grabbing headline: “Oil, gas industry spewing methane.” The AP article focuses on oil and gas operations in the […]

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April 2022 Monthly Report Shows Savings in Excess of $43,000!

The patented QuickSet™ gas-lift control skid by Liftrock eliminates fugitive methane emissions from gas-lift operations and repurposes the captured gas, generating additional cash flow and higher profits. As part of the overall QuickSet service, Liftrock provides operator customers with monthly reports, documenting the unit’s performance.  April 2022 Report Confirms the Benefits of the QuickSet This […]

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QuickSet™ compression control skid now captures leaked gas from reciprocating compressor packing and eliminates 100% of associated methane emissions.

The compression control skid that eliminates emissions from gas lift has now solved another problem –emissions from compressor rod packing. By doing so, the QuickSet™ control skid does away with another common source of methane emissions, without the need for additional equipment. During normal operation, even with recently replaced packing, low-pressure gas leaks are common […]

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QuickSet™ Gas Lift Control Skid Eliminates Freeze-ups

In addition to the elimination of gas-lift methane emissions, the patented QuickSet™ gas-lift control skid by Liftrock provides a number of other important advantages to operators of gas-lift wells. One of these advantages is the elimination of freeze-ups associated with compressor scrubber dump events. More Uptime & Higher Production With the QuickSet system, freeze-ups, that […]

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QuickSet™ Gas Lift Control Skid Increases Facility Uptime by Eliminating Atmospheric Tank Maintenance

The environmentally friendly QuickSet™ gas-lift control skid by Liftrock eliminates methane emissions through a unique “closed-loop” design. This same design eliminates the need for atmospheric tanks, and the headaches that go with them. Downtime events such as methanol line injections and liquid scrubber dump events are a thing of the past. No Liquid Storage Tanks […]

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