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Emissions mitigated from atmosphere to date: Methane 496,131.28 (V) MMSCFD, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) 6,753.71 Tons, Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP's) 98.55 Tons, Captured Gas Value $2,216,620.95



Cash Flow.



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Proven to eliminate methane emissions in gas-lift and midstream applications.

QuickSet™ by Liftrock™ is a patented*, scalable, skid-mounted QuickSet system that eliminates fugitive methane emissions, while significantly cutting construction time and costs. In addition, QuickSet eliminates the need for liquid-dump methanol line injections and scrubber dump events, leading to lower maintenance and increased facility uptime.

Better Environmental Performance
QuickSet eliminates a key source of methane emissions, and does away with natural gas liquid storage tanks, liquid-dump methanol line injections and scrubber dump events at the well.

Eliminating Emissions from Compressor Packing
QuickSet eliminates methane emissions from compressor packing in both Gas Lift and Transmission/Distribution (Midstream) applications, resulting in improved environmental performance.

Higher Revenue/Lower Cost
QuickSet pays for itself many times over by increasing both oil and gas production from the day it is installed. QuickSet also reduces maintenance requirements, which can result in lower LOE.

Reduced Downtime
With the patented design of the QuickSet system, downtime due to liquid-dump line methanol injection or scrubber dump liquid shutdown events is a thing of the past.

Increased Reliability
The QuickSet system is fabricated at a certified manufacturing facility and pre-tested prior to delivery, ensuring dependable operation from the start.

Faster Installation
QuickSet replaces the need for gas lift facility construction in the field. Prefabricated and skid-mounted, the QuickSet system requires minimal piping connections at the site.

Midstream Applications
QuickSet eliminates methane emissions from compressor packing, resulting in improved environmental performance.

Full Service and Support
Liftrock’s gas lift teams and technical field specialists provide turnkey installation, service, and support for the life of the QuickSet system.

*US Patent #10,519,983 B1

For every .500 MMSCFD of well gas injected, QuickSet eliminates the following atmospheric emissions:

.025 MMSCFD of methane

140 TPY of VOCs

8 TPY of HAPs

Typical QuickSet™ performance on wells
in the Permian.

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