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Emissions mitigated from atmosphere to date: Methane 478,854.02 (V) MMSCFD, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) 767.31 Tons, Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP's) 15.039 Tons, Captured Gas Value $607,929.00


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QuickSet™ compression control skid now captures leaked gas from reciprocating compressor packing and eliminates 100% of associated methane emissions.

The compression control skid that eliminates emissions from gas lift has now solved another problem –emissions from compressor rod packing. By doing so, the QuickSet™ control skid does away with another common source of methane emissions, without the need for additional equipment. During normal operation, even with recently replaced packing, low-pressure gas leaks are common […]

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QuickSet™ Gas Lift Control Skid Eliminates Freeze-ups

In addition to the elimination of gas-lift methane emissions, the patented QuickSet™ gas-lift control skid by Liftrock provides a number of other important advantages to operators of gas-lift wells. One of these advantages is the elimination of freeze-ups associated with compressor scrubber dump events. More Uptime & Higher Production With the QuickSet system, freeze-ups, that […]

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18 tons of captured methane.
$12k per month in extra revenue.

Eliminating 100% of methane emissions from gas lift is priceless, but QuickSet™ by Liftrock puts a monthly value on it. In the first month of 2022, captured gas value was $12,327 on a 3-well pad in the Permian, using the QuickSet skid for gas lift control. Adding Revenue from Captured Gas “We have a good […]

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QuickSet™ Gas Lift Control Skid Increases Facility Uptime by Eliminating Atmospheric Tank Maintenance

The environmentally friendly QuickSet™ gas-lift control skid by Liftrock eliminates methane emissions through a unique “closed-loop” design. This same design eliminates the need for atmospheric tanks, and the headaches that go with them. Downtime events such as methanol line injections and liquid scrubber dump events are a thing of the past. No Liquid Storage Tanks […]

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