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Emissions mitigated from atmosphere to date: Methane 462,594.54 (V) MMSCFD, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) 6,382.57 Tons, Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP's) 91.49 Tons, Captured Gas Value $2,136,071.95


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Add revenue.
Eliminate methane emissions.
Stay out of the news.

QuickSet™ technology is empowering the industry to change the narrative…

Have you read the paper recently? On its July 29, 2022 front page, The Dallas Morning News carried an eyeball-grabbing headline:

“Oil, gas industry spewing methane.”

The AP article focuses on oil and gas operations in the Permian – with West Texas oil and gas operators called out by name. The article describes “super emitters” who are “largely unregulated,” and concludes that “the methane released by these companies will be disrupting the climate for decades.” 

How can our industry change the narrative?
At Liftrock, we don’t advocate for more industry regulation.

We advocate for solutions.
Our patented QuickSet skid eliminates 100% of methane emissions from gas lift operations, using previously vented methane to fuel additional production revenue. It also captures 100% of gas leaks in packing assemblies in compressors used in both gas lift and midstream applications.

We think it’s time for action.
On one two-compressor facility in the Permian, the QuickSet skid recently prevented 5,869 MMSCFD of gas-lift emissions from entering the atmosphere in a one-month period, mitigating an estimated 569 tons of VOCs and 11.29 tons of HAPs annually. The system eliminates the need for NGL storage and reduces shutdown events by approximately 75% — all while reducing net LOE from day one.

We think that’s enough to help operators change the narrative for themselves.

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