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Emissions mitigated from atmosphere to date: Methane 435,212.26 (V) MMSCFD, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) 6,070.27 Tons, Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP's) 85.78 Tons, Captured Gas Value $2,074,390.95

QuickSet™ Gas Lift Control Skid Eliminates Freeze-ups

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In addition to the elimination of gas-lift methane emissions, the patented QuickSet™ gas-lift control skid by Liftrock provides a number of other important advantages to operators of gas-lift wells. One of these advantages is the elimination of freeze-ups associated with compressor scrubber dump events.

More Uptime & Higher Production

With the QuickSet system, freeze-ups, that interrupt natural gas delivery and well production, are no longer a concern. The system also eliminates the need for atmospheric tanks, methanol injection on dump lines, and the potential for liquid scrubber dump events. The result is greater uptime, higher production, and the avoidance of freeze-up problems.

Eliminating Freeze-ups

As recent winter storm events have once again shown, freeze-ups can lead to costly outages in production. By eliminating the problem of freeze-ups associated with compressor scrubber dump events, QuickSet ensures the continued flow of production, no matter the operating conditions.

Hydrates in wet gas can form into ice at temperatures well above freezing. In fact, hydrate crystallization can begin to occur at temperatures as high as 60o F, resulting in costly damage to systems and the complete shutdown of gas lift flow. In terms of labor, downtime, and lost production, the cost of these events is high.

No Additional Winterizing Equipment Required

With the self-contained QuickSet gas-lift skid, freeze-ups never happen, because the system’s high-pressure charge vessel – which receives liquids from the scrubbers associated with the gas lift compressors – always operates at a pressure that eliminates the JT effect. In addition, all piping is heat-traced and insulated, requiring no additional winterizing equipment.

Self-Contained Skid

QuickSet is the true, comprehensive, single-source gas-lift control solution that combines everything on one skid, preassembled at an ASME-certified facility and delivered ready for connecting at the wellsite. The inlet separator, liquids charge vessel, heat-traced and insulated piping, full measurement equipment, built-in telemetry systems, and all associated controls are all included on one skid.

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Eliminating the release of fugitive emissions and the possibility of freeze-ups is one of the ways QuickSet delivers improved performance, reduced maintenance, higher system uptime, and better economics on gas-lift wells.

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