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About Us

Liftrock™ Integrated Lift Services has the know-how to handle your gas lift compression needs, and the experience to deliver the right artificial lift solutions for every well.

We offer the industry’s only scalable, unitized, skid-mounted gas compression system for artificial lift.  We also provide automated, turnkey gas lift compression solutions, including design, installation, and commissioning of systems.

The people at Liftrock are experts in all phases of gas lift compression systems to support your operations, providing industry-leading experience and a customer-first “get it done” attitude.

Optimizing Operations

Liftrock™ Integrated Lift Services is committed to helping customers optimize their operations by delivering the right solutions, on-budget and on-time, and through continuing innovation that provides improved performance.

B.J. Ellis


B.J. Ellis is the President of Liftrock Integrated Lift Services. A 20+ year veteran of the natural gas compression industry, Ellis has also worked as a senior strategic account manager at Valerus Compression Services, as the compression and transportation operations manager for Quicksilver Resources, and as the lead field service technician for both Hanover and Universal Compression. One of the most respected authorities in the gas lift compression industry, B.J. is the inventor of the advanced QuickSet™ skid-mounted gas compression system.

The invention of the QuickSet skid is a classic story of a unique product that provides benefits that were not anticipated during its development. Being involved in gas lift operations for decades, BJ was acutely aware of the time and money that was involved in building a gas lift facility. He also understand the various issues that caused the shutdown of a gas lift system. Ellis initially designed the QuickSet to reduce gas lift facility construction from weeks to one or two days, with piping requirements cut by more than 90%. In addition, he envisioned the QuickSet to be far more reliable and problem proof, since the unit was manufactured in a controlled environment, instead of being constructed on site. In addition, Ellis was also confident that the many issues which could shut down gas lift operations were also eliminated. All of BJ’s benefit assumptions for the QuickSet were found to be true…it was far faster and less expensive to install and eliminated many of the issues that had long hampered reliable gas lift operation.

However, while as the QuickSet was introduced to the market, the problem of methane emissions, and related environmental issues, were coming to the forefront for the industry. Ellis had known for some time that the QuickSet eliminated these methane emissions, but he felt that this feature was not the system’s most important selling point…BJ was wrong.

Realizing that the QuickSet held the answer to eliminating the gas-lift related methane emissions that had become a serious problem for operators, Ellis and Liftrock began to more aggressively promote the fact that not only was the QuickSet easier to install and provided for more reliable performance, this unique system also eliminated the methane emissions from gas lift operations. This performance feature has become the key reason behind the enormous success of the QuickSet skid.

David Stone

Sales Manager

A key contributor to the success of the QuickSet™ skid, David Stone has more than 15 years of experience in natural gas compression. Prior to joining Liftrock in 2016, David served as a Senior Account Manager at Compressor Systems Inc., where he led a results-oriented team in meeting a number of customer’s compression requirements.  A hands-on compression expert, David has also successfully managed the completion of a number of compressor installations, primarily in the Permian Basin.

David is a leader in the gas compression industry, having served as President for the Natural Gas Society and Natural Gas Producers Association, in addition to serving on several other industry association boards.  He holds a Master’s Degree of Science from Angelo State University.